About Me

Software Engineer

I have been a professional developer since 2006 after graduating with a Bacherlor degree from Haute Ecole Rennequin Sualem à Seraing (INPRES). I mainly develop in Java, and I quickly find a real interest in the development of framework or development tools to improve the quality and the development speed.

I am currently Software Engineer at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, where I am in charge of the software factory. My daily tools are Jenkins, Nexus, Gitlab, SonarQube, XLDeploy, and more recently Docker. But I am also involved in some transversal technical components like Single Sign On.


Aside of my job, I really like to attend conferences (Devoxx, Devoxx France, Google I/O, DockerCon) , but also to particape to some of them as speaker.

  • Spring Framework 3.0 / Spring Framework 3.1

  • Spring XML est mort, Vive Spring NoXML

  • Les 5 mercenaires du DevOps

  • Quoi de neuf, Docker?

    • WaJUG (slides)

    • BrownBagLunches (presentation on demand inside companies)

  • jEnv

    • VoxxedDays Luxembourg 2016 (slides)

Conference organizer

And finally, I am also involved in some Community or Conference organisation in Luxembourg.